Judicial Notice Malfeasance *

JUDICIAL NOTICE: JS029587168GB. Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance. Opening Statements are by Congruence. 1. Question: What is Malfeasance? 1.1. 1st Answer: Evildoing by intention, turning creditors into debtors, malicious and vicious litigation, unfair conduct, specific to official misconduct by public servants. 1.2. 2nd Answer Courtesy of wrongful conduct, the doing of that which ought not to …

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Judicial Notice Short Titling *

JUDICIAL NOTICE: JS029587168GB. Short Titling Definition of Legal Sexualised Incentivisation Games, Tricks and Traps Corporate Veil   Veröffentlicht am 01.10.2023

Judicial Notice (V2) (EN/DE) *

Nur die englische Version hat Validität! PRIVATE :VERITAS-FIDES-CANDOR-FIRMITAS-FLAG. JUDICIAL NOTICE: JS029587168GB. / RECHTLICHE HINWEISE Opening Statement / Eröffnungserklärung 1. All Parliamentary Systems i.e., the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive are running their systems on 100% / one hundred percent Fraud on the Words and Words only. Alle parlamentarischen Systeme, d.h. die Legislative, die Judikative …

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Judicial Notice (V1) *

Judicial Notice (V1) Erste Judicial Notice mit Bildern für besseres Verständnis. Veröffentlicht am 24.01.2023 und aktuell bis am 17.03.2023

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